Space for Christ in our life

Rosina peety

As we live in the midst of the secular world,we are influenced by the culture around us.A culture of celebrations. One of the most remarkable things about this culture is the removal of the references to God and accepting the wordly matters. There is no space for Christ in our lives. We are all aware that there was no room in the inn for Joseph and Mary to give birth to the son of God. Do I have a room ready for Him?, Do i have a special place to lay Him?. We need to ensure that we make room in our hearts for the Lord. There is a deep need for us to be silent and vigilant like our blessed virgin Mary to guard the peace of our hearts, so that we could hear the gentle knock of our Lord asking us to open the door for Him.It is the time we need to rediscover Christ among us. It is the time we must share our faith. The basic truth of the christian faith is that God has become one of us. He has touched our world. In this beautiful christmas   let Him touch our life, And allow Him to touch our own little world.

The word was made flesh and dwelt among us. The word is love.Thats the power contained in each christmas, the power of love.The birth of the saviour was not made in the stronghold of power.He was born while His parents were on a journey at the command of the king, not in a comforted home, but in a stable.He was powerless in every way.God as a helpless infant!!.No one will expect to look for the king of kings in a manger.He is the one who is going to feed the whole world, but in this stable Jesus is simply powerless. Truly the power of love to cherish the world with the word, take  and eat, this is my body.There is nothing in this world to match this power. Its here for the taking.

To go to the manger, we need to come down from our comfort zone, from our pleasure and from our wealth.With the simplicity of a child we can walk to the manger to feel the true happiness and peace, as the king of peace is so close to us. Here the grace of God is going to touch us. Here in this manger we could share our stress,anxiety, worries with infant Jesus. That is why He came down from heaven, to be one of us.Thats the reason He was born as homeless, and the good news on the holy night were first received by the poor shepherds, not to the rich and privileged.

Infant Jesus is calling us to be humble like a child. Jesus chose a hard way to come in to this world and live so that we can recognise Him in ourselves. So let us not to be afraid to be at the feet of infant Jesus. Here our hardship of life becomes less threatening. The peace of christ in this silent and holy night changes everything. Our struggles will be vanished, and the peace will grow within us as the prince of peace grow in our hearts.

Unless you change and become like  little children, you will not enter the kingdom of heaven( matt:18:3). Let us never lose the essence of christmas which is calling us to become like little  children again just God did. Merry christmas to all.

Rosina peety

വായനക്കാരുടെ അഭിപ്രായങ്ങൾ താഴെ എഴുതാവുന്നതാണ്. ദയവായി അസഭ്യവും നിയമവിരുദ്ധവും സ്പര്‍ധ വളര്‍ത്തുന്നതുമായ പരാമർശങ്ങളും, വ്യക്തിപരമായ അധിക്ഷേപങ്ങളും ഒഴിവാക്കുക. വായനക്കാരുടെ അഭിപ്രായങ്ങള്‍ വായനക്കാരുടേതു മാത്രമാണ്. വായനക്കാരുടെ അഭിപ്രായ പ്രകടനങ്ങൾക്ക് ലൈഫ്ഡേ ഉത്തരവാദിയായിരിക്കില്ല.

വായനക്കാരുടെ അഭിപ്രായങ്ങൾ താഴെ എഴുതാവുന്നതാണ്.